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About Megan Fischer

Megan and CharlieI’m a big advocate for women’s and girls’ empowerment, and love writing!

I’m a Mass Communication and Media Studies major, and through my education, I am getting world-class experience in video/photo editing, web design, online writing, and social media marketing. And the best part is, I have had the opportunity to gain professional experience in all of this over the past 5+ years!

I am currently the Marketing Coordinator for Julie Goodnight Training Stables, which includes leading social media marketing, public relations, and website management.

That brings me to my favorite part, and what has led me to a turning point in my career: my three dogs and horses: Chase, Addie, Chip, Rusty, Ginger, and Charlie. All of my pups are rescues in their own right. Ginger is spending her retirement days with me, and Rusty is a young horse learning the ropes—but Charlie has been quite a project pony.

Charlie is an off-the-track-Thoroughbred who was seized at least twice in his lifetime for starvation. I adopted him shortly after I met him while volunteering at Denkai Animal Sanctuary in the summer of 2012, and boy has it been a wild ride! We spent his first year just putting weight on. We’ve have had our training ups and downs, and unfortunate injuries along the way, but he has come so far from the skinny boy I first met. No matter where we end up, I’ll always be happy that he is healthy and happy with me.

It is because of my experiences with Charlie, Ginger, Rusty, and other horses that my ultimate goal is to intertwine my journalism, marketing and editing career with my love of horses. I am available to provide website management and design, marketing, or freelance writing to equine-related companies.