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Terms of Service

This online community is for equine enthusiasts. We are here to share information, passion, and knowledge when it comes to horses. Furthermore, it is for sharing and supporting each other in the public relations, marketing and social media for our respective equine-related businesses. This website is to remain a positive environment of support for all participants, and only constructive, respectful commentary will be allowed.

What is Expected From Commenters:
Comments and participation are encouraged on this website. As stated above, all commentary is expected to be respectful and supportive of fellow commenters and this website. Any opinions expressed by commenters may be different from others–as you may find in many parts of the horse world where different types horsemanship are concerned. If you have a comment that is different or opposite from another commenter, please be respectful of their different opinion when expressing your own. If what you have to say is, in fact, an opinion, do not state it as a fact, and be sure to back up any facts with references.

Any comments considered abusive, explicitly disrespectful or unrelated to the horse industry can be removed at the discretion of the website proprietor.

Community Participation in Moderation
Community members are encouraged and welcomed to help keep community engagement productive and respectful and flag any comments that do not follow this website’s guidelines. If you see a comment that is presenting an opinion as fact, is verbally, emotionally, or physically threatening to another community member, or is generally non-productive to the purpose of this site, please flag or report the comment as inappropriate. Whether a comment that is flagged is removed from the website–or not–is up to the website proprietor. If you have questions about why a flagged comment has or has not been removed, please feel free to contact us.

Removing Commentary From the Website
Comments can be removed from the website at the discretion of the website proprietor. If a comment is flagged or reported, it will be removed (but not limited to) for the following reasons:

  • A judgment about something that is not a provable fact.
  • A statement that is not horse-related.
  • A statement that is not related to a topic in the comment thread.
  • Any comment that attacks or is verbally abusive toward another community member or horsemanship style (Ex: “All dressage trainers use archaic and abusive training styles,” or, “That is never true and a stupid thing to say.”)
  • An opinion that is presented as fact without a reference (An example of what not to do: “Using a corrective bit is the only way to correct behaviors in horses under saddle.” An example of what is okay: “If you have tried A, B, and C, using this bit may help your training dilemma, according to this article from (reputable horsemanship source).”

Banning Website Participants
Any participant on this website who is overtly disrespectful or (verbally, emotionally, or physically) threatening toward other website participants, who post blatantly spammy or unrelated comments (Ex: Check out my company that sells awesome weight-loss products!) will be banned at the website proprietor’s discretion.